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Lister engine dating table

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The Lister D is a 1 1/2 hp stationary engine built between 1926-1964 by R A Lister and Company of Dursley.It is popular with newcomers to the stationary engine hobby with un-restored examples available for as little as £50, plenty of spares and various re-manufactured parts and decals.

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WORKS : DURSLEY, ENGLAND Brsi»ch«« and Agencies Throughout tlie Wirld r vvk ='- imi-m KWMmm M^m^m LISTER GASOLINE ENGINE LISTER GASOLINE ENGINE the * 'Lister" Vertical Engine, we are offering to the Canadian farmer an engine which for quality of materials and workmanship, economy and effi- ciency is unequalled by any other on the market.

A valuable feature of the "Lister" gasoline engine is the absence of all outside oil cups and oil holes.

I was only recently made aware that early "Ds" had this feature. John Ross Hi John Ross, Are you sure that the 6 is not an 8?

I obtained a list of Lister D dating however the number on this engine has one less digit than the listed engines beginning Oct 1926. My reason for asking is that I am under the impression that the Lister D's numbering commenced at 80000 and upwards (80000 began and was sold on .

Throughout the years of production, the engine changed very little.