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Liquidating a mutual fund

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Mutual funds offer professional management of your money, along with diversification of investments.

Calculations relating to the reorganization used NAVs calculated to 4-decimal places.For this reason, the tax you pay when liquidating shares can depend on how long you hold your investment.The type of fund in which you invest may also allow you to minimize your overall tax risk during the life of your investment.The redemption, sale, exchange, or liquidation of your shares may be a taxable event to the extent that your tax basis in the shares is lower than the liquidation proceeds per share that you receive.You should consult your personal tax advisor concerning your particular tax situation.Following close of business on Friday, July 15, 2011, the above fund reorganizations took place.

Effective Monday July 18 2011, Black Rock Intermediate Government Bond Portfolio changed its name to Black Rock US Government Bond Portfolio and Black Rock Total Return II Portfolio changed its name to Black Rock Core Bond Portfolio.

Generally there will be some sort of liquidation and then final accounting.

The timing of these will be determined by the offering documents.

https://gov/Archives/edgar/data/1090154/000089418917004144/marketocracy_497e.htm497 1 marketocracy_497SUPPLEMENTARY MATERIALS MARKETOCRACY FUNDSThe Masters 100SM Fund Supplement dated August 11, 2017, to the Statutory Prospectus and Statement of Additional Information (“SAI”) dated October 28, 2016The Board of Trustees (the “Board”) of The Marketocracy Funds has determined that it is advisable to liquidate, dissolve and terminate the legal existence of the Trust, including its sole series, The Marketocracy Masters 100 Fund (the “Fund”).

In connection with this determination, the Board has adopted a plan of liquidation.

The auditor, broker and administrator should also be contacted so that these service providers can begin their own processes for winding the fund down.