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Lil bow wow who is he dating now

lil bow wow who is he dating now-58

maybe the last 2 months of limited contact just feels longer to me then her. We'd tried counselling, but after the first two sessions, he decided everything was resolved, and refused to go back.

"You proved to me your nothing thats why it was nothing to curve you the way i did nothing beats putting a ____ back where she belongs," he tweeted. Of course, in true petty fashion Mena retweeted the Game's tweet.Related: Bow Wow Has Had Family Troubles Before, Too!Mena, who also addressed her appearance on "I've been quiet about it because we were engaged, but obviously he was in his feelings after my Snapchat post…I could have gone public about our breakup a month ago. Just leave me alone, I moved on; why are you still in your feelings?It looks like Erica Mena may have a brewing "friendship" with The Game, and it seems to be ruffling the feathers of her ex-fiancé, Bow Wow.Mena, 28, was spotted hanging around The Game and his assistant, Lo Lo, causing fans to suspect the reality star and the Los Angeles rapper were getting cozy.We probably already know all there is to know about this child rapping sensation, OK not all, but he has been in the spotlight long enough for us to know our way round a ‘Shad Moss'(that’s his real name in case you were wondering).

But today we look to others to paint us a picture of the star and the others are Bow Wow’s daughter and the other women in his life. See also: Lil Wayne’s Teeth, Dreads, Baby Mamas And Girlfriend It’s hard to believe that Bow Wow has a five year old, considering the fact that not so long ago he was Lil Bow Wow to us.

It seems most of what I read on here is breajups from Gf or bf. I felt like she just wanted to date and take the days how they come and I was wanting her to recommit. We went straight into trying for another baby, and then almost three years of fertility treatment, with no result (failed IVF cycle just before Xmas).

I'm waiting for the day that my wife say she misses me, and wants to live back together. When my wife mentioned she wanted the separation she said she was leaning towards divorce. I never thought we could be in this situation, been together 20 years. To where I was turning into a **** on weekends (when drinking) and I've never ever been like that before. We would be out having a great time and I'd get pushy about us. Our situation is that we have been married for four years, together for around 6, and just been through a difficult time ever since I miscarried our first child, eight months after we were married.

Later on he admitted to the fact saying, ‘I waited so long to tell y’all the truth because I was nervous on how y’all would look at me.

Y’all know everyone makes a big deal out of everything I do.

Berg's debut single "Sexy Lady, which featured R&B singer Junior, became a hit on Los Angeles urban radio, and he signed with Epic Records among many labels that approached him.