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Laura secretfriends

There, Laura and Carlos intend to establish a home for disabled children.Simon is increasingly lured away by encounters with imaginary friends, who, he claims, inform him that he was adopted.

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With her strange name and sticking out ears she's different from the rest.In fact, he was adopted — though Laura and Carlos had planned to tell him the truth only when he was older.Simon gets lost momentarily in a cave while walking on the beach and leaves a path of shells for his friends to find their way from the cave to his house.Ross/Laura Rydel/Ellington She grew up in the foster system. They meet at school and after she decides to find her birth parents and he joins her on a cross-country road trip, they begin to realize there's more than they thought to life than what they grew up with.As they grow closer, things start to change, and for the better.In an isolated part of the building, Laura is confronted by a creepy child wearing a burlap bag as a mask, a costume reminiscent of the one worn by the villain in Batman Begins.

The boy assaults and nearly kills Laura; immediately after that event, Simon disappears, as does the strange, masked boy.

The Orphanage, Juan Antonio Bayona's debut film, produced and presented by Guillermo del Toro, features a spectacular setting for a ghost story — a large, old house, surrounded by thick woods, and just yards from the coast, where the sea has carved out hidden caves along the strand of an isolated cove.

With echoes of The Sixth Sense and The Others, The Orphanage is a crisp and well executed film, with outstanding performances from the lead roles of mother and son, moments of genuine suspense, and an ending that poses the question whether — as Donne puts it — death is nothing more than "one short sleep past." The film opens with Laura (Belen Rueda), her husband Carlos (Fernando Cayo), and young son Simon (Roger Princep) moving into a seaside home, which at one time had been the orphanage where Laura had lived happily as a child before her adoption.

"In one of the positions it just clicked, I had a 'Eureka' moment and told my model to stay put and ran and grabbed an eyeliner and drew two circles on the creature's new face.

That was the birth of Secret Friends." The project places each character into what the artist calls "very banal" situations, including taking out the trash or laying in bed.

Then, he invites his mother to join him in a treasure hunt that he often plays with his secret friends — a game so elaborate that Laura is more frightened by the prospect of her son's crafty duplicity than by the possibility that he is telling the truth.