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Tutorial about How to install JRE for Linux Mint is almost identical for JDK.

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If you are unable to upgrade java then you may try to use the legacy applet.Done Building dependency tree Reading state information...Done Package sun-java5-jdk is not available, but is referred to by another package.Download this podcast—no registration required—to learn how to detect bad database access patterns, memory leaks, thread contentions, or simply bad code that results in high CPU, synchronization, or even crashes!See the entire Pure Performance podcast series here What’s the best way to analyze memory leaks—especially when you can’t reproduce them locally? Senior leaders from the Dynatrace Labs and Center of Excellence teams have collaborated to develop the only definitive reference on practical, day-to-day application performance management.Oracle Java EOL announcement In Mac OS X 10.7 the JDK provided by Apple (Java 6) is installed in /System/Library/Java/Java Virtual Machines/ so just delete it from there The JDK provided by Oracle (Java 7) is installed in /Library/Java/Java Virtual Machines/ Oracle installs them next to each other in this directory: /Library/Java/Java Virtual Machines/ ` 1.7.0jdk1.7.0_06jdk1.7.0_07jdk1.7.0_09jdk1.7.0_11jdk1.7.0_13jdk1.7.0_15jdk1.7.0_17jdk1.7.0_21jdk1.7.0_25` (Previous message) I don’t know the answer to your question, but I can suggest that you might be causing yourself unneeded problems. Java 6 is on your machine for legacy software that relies on it in standalone applications.

Security updates are important because of web sites that use Java maliciously. The security issues aren’t going to impact these apps.

As a root create a folder in /opt where jdk will be stored. And there is simply not enough information there to know how the .mozilla/plugins folder will be used and by who, I had a look around and firefox has a couple of plugins directories but not there, and will this work for multiple users or just me?

Also in your final Optinal(sic) step you have mispelled mozilla - not sure if thats an issue actually but makes me a bit suspicious that you didnt actually run those commands - just typed them here.

Also choose the right version from 32-bit (x86) and 64bit (x64) one. cheers Here is another (I must say better) article about how to install Oracle JDK because it suggest creating "current-java" folder which allows easier upgrade of JDK version.

You are looking for a linux version with extension. This is all intended as constructive criticism, I appreciate the effort you put into it, I just dont want anyone to come to grief because of it.

Thankyou :) The instructions are a bit terse, there is plenty of room for stuff to go wrong, for instance: I have a non standard location for my downloads even though I fixed it so that it still looks like it is under my home directory so when i did your step 5 I got a mass of errors that quickly zipped off the screen and if I hadnt noticed them would have left my Java folder short of a couple of hundred of the most important files, I looked in the folder and it had lots of stuff there so thought maybe they had been warnings went and had a look it was a permission thing I went back to step 5 and added sudo to the beginning of your first line and it went thru.