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"But if you have police officers engaged in sex with a person that age, I would consider that to be sexual exploitation," said John Myers, a law professor with the University of the Pacific Mc George School of Law. "The fact that this person has the label 'sex worker' doesn’t mean that she’s not a victim," Myers said.

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A Bay Area sex scandal has expanded to San Joaquin County. The 18-year-old woman, who goes by the name Celeste Guap, told FOX40 Officer William K.)SEE THE TOP STORIES HERE:5 jaw-dropping confessions Kim Kardashian West made in her latest interview Kim Kardashian West spilled the beans on everything from her marriage to Kris Humphries to her mom’s relationship with Caitlyn Jenner in her latest interview.(Watch the interview here)Is Sofia Richie hooking up with Scott Disick?Everyone can relax because Sofia Richie is not Scott Disick’s latest fling.The model took to Twitter to set the record straight when reports questioned whether she was Scott’s latest hook up.(Get the scoop here) actor was on Jimmy Kimmel Live!and somehow the time he sat next to Madonna at a Connor Mc Gregor UFC fight came up in conversation.(More juicy gossip here)Join Channel24 on Facebook for all the hottest news from Hollywood.The mission dredges Joe’s own traumas to the surface including an abusive father and atrocities he witnessed as a soldier.

He resorts to self-harm including suffocating himself with towels and plastic bags to shut out the memories.

Guap has said in reports that she had sex with a number of Oakland Police Department officers, some before she was 18.

Now, she claims she had sex with Officer Johnson, as well.

Cape Town – It was the A-listers that caught the headlines on Tuesday as Hollywood made for some juicy gossip.

Is there something going on between Sofia Richie and Scott Disick?

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