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Is continental casualty liquidating

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6.) George Fisher Baker (1840-1931) was born in Troy, N. "Baker was one of the founders of the First National Bank of New York in 1863 and became (1877) its president and then (1909) chairman of its board of directors... The most notable were $6 million to found and support the Harvard graduate school of business administration; $2 million to Cornell Univ.; $1 million to build the Baker Memorial Library at Dartmouth; and the money for Baker Field of Columbia." (George Fisher Baker. Hyde, Vice President of the Equitable Life Assurance Society; and H. Porter, Jr., who "practically succeeds his father," a past director of the bank. He was elected a director of the First National Bank of Chicago in 1903, along with James H. 14, 1903.) Max May came to the Guaranty Trust from the First National Bank of Chicago in 1904.

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Whoever requires the bond is the “obligee,” who is the only beneficiary of the bond. These state laws are similar to the federal Miller Act and are referred to as “Little Miller Act” statutes.In this case, the company, which has no employees and whose sole remaining asset is its insurance, is looking to set up a trust that will pay only current claims.“It is not the Debtor’s intention to treat so-called future claims or demands,” Stein wrote in his Aug. “To resolve current claims, the Debtor intends to seek approval of the insurance settlement agreements and confirmation of a chapter 11 plan of liquidation as soon as practicable.Entry of judgment, after a decision of the Appeals Court, was ordered by John Paul Sullivan, J. After review by the Appeals Court respecting the award of prejudgment interest, the Supreme Judicial Court granted leave to obtain further appellate review. In an action for breach of contract against an insurer arising from the defendant's refusal to defend the plaintiff on a products liability claim, the plaintiff was entitled to damages with interest under G. [841-842] CIVIL ACTION commenced in the Superior Court Department on October 20, 1980.

231, Section 6C, from dates on which it actually incurred legal expenses in defending the products liability claim, rather than from the date earlier in time on which the insurer had refused to defend the claim against the plaintiff. This case presents a question regarding the appropriate way to calculate prejudgment interest under G. (Heide), was affirmed by the Appeals Page 838 Court with a modification not relevant here.

1864 Established as New York Guaranty and Indemnity Company12/01/1895 Name Change To Guaranty Trust Company of New York01/26/1910 Acquire By Merger Morton Trust Company10/16/1912 Acquire By Merger Standard Trust Company05/04/1929 Acquire By Merger Bank of Commerce in New York04/24/1959 Acquire By Merger J. Morgan & Co., Incorporated04/24/1959 Name Change To Morgan Guaranty Trust Company of New York06/26/1959 Acquire By Merger Morgan & CIE, Incorporated12/27/1968 Acquire By Merger Morgan Guaranty Safe Deposit Company06/01/1996 Acquire By Merger J. Morgan Delaware New York Bank History G / The New York Guaranty & Indemnity Company In 1891, the company was reorganized under the auspices of the Mutual Life Insurance Company.

10.) Directors and officers: Edwin Packard, President; Adrian Iselin, Jr., Vice-President; George R.

And like many companies at the time, American Standard used asbestos in several products.

According to the company’s 1956 catalog, its Kewanee boilers were made with an “asbestos rope gasket.” American Standard sold all of the assets and certain liabilities of Kewanee Boiler to Kewanee Boiler Corporation, a newly-formed Illinois company, in 1970. Stein and others purchased the stock of Kewanee through a holding company.

State bond principals and claimants should remember, however, that the Little Miller Acts in each state vary slightly and that state courts are not required to follow federal courts.