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Intimidating chants

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If you haven’t yet grasped why American soccer’s penchant for ripping off European fan culture without any of the history or tradition from which the real culture emerged is so embarrassing then these shrieking, bouncing jabronis attempting to show off just how Real Soccer Fan they are by shouting quite simply the stupidest chant of all time, one ostensibly inspired by their undying love for Atlanta United, a brand new, tradition- and history-free expansion franchise that somehow has engendered such devotion without playing a single competitive match, should make the vexing nature of it all viscerally clear.

But here’s the thing - not all sports chants are created equal.Watch: Yes, that's "I believe that we will win," the Utah State student section's pregame chant. I could watch it 10 more.)Tipster Mids was curious: Is this chant spreading, "Zombie Nation"-like, across the country? The majority of the videos on You Tube are of Utah State's student section; some are higher quality than others, but all of them are impressive.I've seen it before, but never in such high video quality, not until the tremendous Mile High Mids passed it along on Twitter. There are a few clips of San Diego State's "The Show" student section organizing the chant last year. 6, 2003 story in the Washington Post, the chant originated at a Navy football game, when Navy -- in one of their first promising seasons in decades -- was trailing No.But really, drop the 'you better watch your mouth' line... The calls are : Go Preds Go - Murray, you suck - It's all your fault. The last part is especially intimidating, because a goalie always feel ultimately responsible for goals, being the last player to get a chance to stop the puck. DONALD TRUMP SUPPORTED BY FORMER KKK LEADER DAVID DUKE Of course, the students were disturbed by it.

Staff from Perry High School said the chants, which have actually happened before, were demoralizing.

The school said that the fraternity, Delta Kappa Epsilon, had “threatened and intimidated others.” Videos of the chants, which included cheers like “No Means Yes! (PHOTOS: The Evolution of the College Dorm) A public summary of disciplinary actions was made by the school to prove that it discouraged sexual harassment and the school said it wanted to ensure “an educational environment free from harassment and intimidation.” That didn’t please Doug Lanpher, executive director of international DKE office, though, who said he was disappointed that Yale had made the announcement on grounds that the negotiations should have been kept confidential.

The “Dekes” were banned from recruiting students from Yale for five years because clearly, the incident gave the school a bad reputation. We believe that the chapter’s behavior has changed.” Delta Kappa Epsilon was founded in Yale in 1844, and reportedly counts both President George H. (MORE: It’s Not Just Yale: Are Colleges Doing Enough to Combat Sexual Violence?

Former KKK leader David Duke endorsed Trump and said anyone who doesn’t vote for him is betraying their white heritage.

White supremacists and racists love the guy and say he has caused a resurgence in their ranks.

"I," they chanted softly, then louder, "I believe . ."Sources say a group of Navy lacrosse players started the ruckus, though you can't be sure because urban legends are quickly springing up around Johnson's 7-4 team."I believe that," they yelled as more joined in. It may do so solely as a mid-major rallying cry: The Mid Majority's Kyle Whelliston added the words to his masthead this season to commemorate the start of a new, collectively driven era of coverage at the site.