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Hope wilson dating emmit smith

The testimonials from people whose lives have been transformed over the past 110 years of clinical use are innumerable and could fill a library.Select a category to hear our testimonials: Har Hari Khalsa, Chiropractor, Beverly Hills, CA: I find that my patient’s chiropractic adjustments last longer and are more profound with Quinton.

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Through the Christian Girlfriend Retreats that the organization offers, women are able to share the issues that are particular to their place in life, and receive inspiration in a safe environment that is free from judgment.Quinton comes from pristine”protected” ocean marine life, and it’s the rare resource that my body’s been craving for optimal health.I didn’t realize how minerally depleted I was from the stresses of modern life, until I had absorbable, pure minerals working in my body.Pat Smith, the wife of retired NFL Running Back and "Dancing with the Stars" Champion Emmitt Smith, became weary of being overshadowed by her husband's fame.Instead of being stuck in a lost sense of purpose, she created an environment for herself and other women to regain their confidence, get passionate about their dreams and live out the life that God created for them.In 2012, the couple's charitable organization, Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities, was among the people and organizations honored at the Trumpet Awards.

Southall was married to actor-comedian Martin Lawrence from 1995 to 1997. Lawrence was appearing in Richmond at a Def Comedy Jam concert.

I love the product myself and feel more energized when I need to be and more relaxed at the same time.

Talya Meldy, Colonic Hydrotherapist, Venice, CA: I am a colon hydrotherapist and I’ve been using the Quinton seawater with extra-ordinary results.

Representing Virginia in the Miss USA 1994 pageant, Southall placed first runner-up to Lu Parker of South Carolina.

Over the course of their marriage, Pat and Emmitt Smith have been significant donors to a variety of causes and non-profit organizations through Pat & Emmitt Smith Charities.

Patricia "Pat" Annette Smith (née Southall) (born 1971) is an American founder and spokesperson of Treasure You and the wife of former Dallas Cowboys running back and Pro Football Hall of Famer Emmitt Smith.