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Google apps not validating mx records

It will allow you to access mail via mail.mail IN CNAME ghs. Then you would need to set them in some sort of control panel where you got the domain is my domain registrar, not my host, i got my vps from, I'm not using nameservers, i use ip address to point my domain to my vps..can i do it from godaddy?

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IN TXT v=spf1 include:_spf.~all You do not need to define something per address.Making our lives easier is in no way an "endorsement".I mean, not that I want to compare Linode to Dream Host, but coming from them not too long ago, I know they have a simple option for setting mail to "Google Apps".If that server does not respond, it goes to the next on the list, and so on.Companies that service large email server farms, such as Google, will have several servers to handle massive amounts of incoming emails.Making changes to your MX records will still allow you to host your website with us, but you email at a third party server such as Google.

MX (Mail Exchanger) records are a type of DNS record that determine which mail server is responsible for handling your email.

Note: Changes to your DNS records can take up to 24 hours to propagate throughout the Internet. Sign into your account at 7.

Select the domain you are using with Google Apps from the list of domains, or if you only have one domain, you will already be on the next step. Make sure you are using the Hover nameservers:ns1.hover.comns2.Edits to the DNS in your Hover account will not apply to your domain if you are not using our DNS servers.

The MX record is set to point to a canonical hostname, such as .

This hostname is another record known as an A (address) record, which points to an IP address.

You are free to use a different mail server but still host your website with In Motion Hosting.