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Frustrated dating scene

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Then I get chased by creepy weirdos who don't understanding the meaning of personal space and don't understand what no means.I'm now thinking to myself what is the point in dating if you can't have the person you want?Question: I have used Catholic Match on and off for several years now, with no success.For instance I told a guy that I've liked for a very long time I was into him and he told me he didn't want a relationship.A month of so later he's all over this chick on Facebook.I think about the thousands of single lonely people using this website and wonder why are we not connecting with each other?

If there are so many people searching, why are we all still single?

They keep asking me out even after I told them for the millionth time that I'm not interested and never will be.

It annoys me that I keep getting approached by guys like this.

However, I quickly discovered that most of the fellas in LA had a dream themselves and it usually involved their name in lights more than their shoulders in a baby carrier.

After spending years as a casting director teaching actors how to brand themselves so they would finally be the one to be picked out of a stack of headshots, it occurred to me that if I applied the same concepts to my dating career, I just might be able to beat the LA dating odds.

Although students often face emotional pain during a break-up, Glass wrote that students should not avoid relationships because of this possibility, adding that students often learn about themselves through this difficult experience.