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All of these responses are anonymous, a few have been combined for the sake of readability and reducing repetition.

Biz bit superclub Ministry of Sound has opened its first gym at The Arches in South London.Since death controversy reported that one japanese single women geek dating.Ski masks, sunglasses, far away hiking/climbing/surfing pics.I don't know how much my article really had to do with the recall, but if it did have an impact, that's great; I'm happy for the consumers who benefited. My 9-year-old daughter came to me asking me to buy her a new fifth-generation i Pod Touch "because all the kids at school have them." I had one on loan from Apple for doing Lightning-based speaker dock reviews (I have an i Phone 4S, but not an , which has the new Lightning connector) and she liked it but knew I wouldn't -- or couldn't -- let her have it. I turned to Google, keying in terms like "i Pod disabled for 40 years" and found plenty of other folks who'd encountered the same problem.I asked her what happened to the 32GB third-generation i Pod Touch I'd given her. I confirmed that you couldn't just attach the i Pod to your computer and have it get recognized (at least not with a third-gen i Pod Touch) as a device that had previously synced with that computer.i Pads and i Phones: Where would we parents be without them?

They help our kids with everything from reading and writing through to learning about dinosaurs and chemistry; they provide a way for them to chat with their friends; and, let’s face it, they sometimes keep them entertained when we are trying to answer some emails or cook dinner! Sometimes it’s easy to forget that these devices that we let our kids play on are fully-fledged, Internet-connected computers.

A visit to the Genius Bar Two days later I walked in to the Apple store and made my way down to the basement where the Genius Bar is located and where all the accessories are sold. Despite my experience last year with the i Mac, I was fairly optimistic that I would end up with a good outcome.

If you’ve just signed up for a new mobile phone deal or upgraded your handset, chances are someone has tried to sell you mobile phone insurance. This page covers the basics so you can make an informed choice about what the best mobile insurance deal might be for you. But policies vary widely, both in the cover they offer and their ‘exclusions’ (things you’re not covered for).

In this article you’ll discover 18 things you can do to help kid-proof your i Pad or i Phone, and make it safer for your child to use.

Let’s start by taking a look at the Restrictions feature built into i OS, which gives you lots of ways to protect your device.

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