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The cities look European in a ramshackle sort of way, transportation is partly 20th century, there's some industry, and radio and television are everywhere.But villages in the farther off corners of the country must still look very much like those of thousands of years ago.

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We strive to be recognized as one of the leading quality and safest health care providers in Egypt, Africa and the Middle East.Our state of the art facility focuses on patient care and comfort with ongoing investment in latest medical technologies and processes.The hospital is recognized for its cardiothoracic, cardiology, vascular surgery and endovascular therapy, oncology, organ transplant, and orthopedics departments, among others.One of the most astonishing facts about Egypt is how little everyday life changed over the millennia.The rhythm of Egyptian life was the rhythm of the Nile until a few years ago, when the Aswan dam was erected.Respect for one's parents was a cornerstone of morality, and the most fundamental duty of the eldest son (or occasionally daughter) was to care for his parents in their last days and to ensure that they received a proper burial.

Countless genealogical lists indicate how important family ties were, yet Egyptian kinship terms lacked specific words to identify blood relatives beyond the nuclear family.

"A culture of impunity has been running rampant the past three years, hospitals are not equipped with rape kits, the ministry of interior is committing these crimes themselves against women in public spaces." “Well, [the harassers] are happy! That response sends a chilling message about women's rights, according to activists.

“If she’s brushing it off, then this means women’s bodies are fair game when Egyptian men are happy? ” said Mona Eltahawy, an Egyptian writer and activist who was sexually assaulted in November 2011 during clashes between protesters and security forces just off Tahrir Square.

Queen Nefertiti was the most powerful woman in ancient Egypt. Many believe the unearthing of her likeness was staged, and that the bust, currently insured for $400 million, is one of the greatest art frauds of all time.

But few would know anything about her if it weren't for her statue, discovered in the Amarna Desert in 1912. Follow our team of experts as they sort through the clues, visit the sites, and put the spectacular object to the test to solve this ancient secret.

Even today one can find the ancient shadoof, oxen pulling ploughs and houses made of mud bricks.