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Eastern european dating scams

If the guy agrees, the "lady" pretends to put all effort into making "her" travel arrangements. " She" acts surprised to find out that there are various expensive requirements that " she" has to comply with before she can fly out of the country.Those supposed requirements usually include proof of financial independence and requirement to pay off all loans that "she" has in her name.

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But the truth is, she doesn’t actually want to be your girlfriend. We’ve all gotten those emails that come from attractive strangers asking for help in a complicated situation or offering the greatest night of your life.It may come in the form of a request for bank account information, your social security number, or straight money.These people will be cordial, but will never offer their contact information to you, or agree to meet you in person.Known victims have lost up to AUD35 000 from these scams.There are also reports that victims have travelled to the country only to be kidnapped on arrival and held for ransom.“In fact, one of the biggest problems in these countries is the same as in the USA, European Union, or Australia: People, especially kids, spend too much time online.” Petrova estimates that over 80% of the money that men spend on dating and courtship in relationships with Russian and Ukrainian women could be wasted.

According to Petrova, this “needless” spending includes translation fees by pay-per-message websites, which could total thousands of dollars.

And so " she" will reluctantly ask for financial help again.

If the guy is determined to make her supposed trip happen regardless of the expenses, he sends the money again and again.

Other scams include websites of fake employment agencies providing recruitment and visa services for those wishing to travel and live in Russia.

Once the scammer receives the funds, communication is usually terminated, and any chance of recovering the sent funds is highly unlikely.

The scam will go on for as long as the guy is willing to continue sending money to help his "Russian princess" to get through her never-ending travel misadventure.