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Duncan james dating

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The socialite, who had a history of cocaine addiction, was reportedly suffering from a rare and debilitating auto-immune condition in the lead up to her death.Tributes came flooding in from stars including Lady Victoria Hervey who said she was “completely shocked”.

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Following in the footsteps of his infamous uncle Ds Thorpe, Ryan always knew he wanted to be a police officer.“She sadly battled many demons and now she will be truly at rest without being frightened or scared.” James also addressed the speculation that they had dated in the past and said Palmer-Tomkinson once joked that they had tied the knot.“However, I know deep down Tara would have loved nothing more than to meet someone, settle down and be happy.” Palmer-Tomkinson was found in her London flat by her cleaner.Read Dan Wootton‘s interview with Blue in full in Now magazine – out now!Duncan James has shared an emotional tribute to his ex-girlfriend, the late Tara Palmer-Tomkinson.Duncan James has said his late friend Tara Palmer-Tomkinson is now safe from her “demons”.

James, 38, said the former It Girl can now rest “without being frightened or scared”.

His pet hate is people who can’t control their tempers, but his patience will be tested to the limit in Hollyoaks by Amy’s nightmare ex Ste.

It’s fascinating to see how much attitudes towards being gay in the music industry have changed in just a few years.

” She’d have to be open-minded.’ It will be interesting to see how his female fan base reacts to that suggestion.

My interview, which can be read in Now this week, also features revelations from the other three members of the band, including how Britney Spears used to fancy them all.

Oh how we laughed and laughed and I will miss that the most.