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Dc universe online updating files for launchpad

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Run the H1Z1 Launch Pad and log in, but do not press play.Click on the Advanced Tools icon (looks like a gear) in the lower left and then choose the option to open game directory.

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First of all, many players report that DC Universe Online crashes or gives them a black screen immediately after running the launcher, right after they see the SOE logo. Make sure you have the latest Flash and Java drivers and also that your video card drivers are up to date.2.Other players only manage to play the game for a short time, and only then DC Universe Online crashes.Here is a possible sollution for ATI graphic card owners:“ATI graphics card users who have the latest drivers installed could try to install an older version of their current driver, particularly the Catalyst 10.9. Failed to initialize the crash reporter.s, filepath=Render Time Avg: Render Time Total: Create Unique Session Id - Received game event ready signal.m_web Core-update Retry loading launch page, url=Game Launcher Client:: Update Statistics()Launch Count Game Launcher User Attributes On Patch File - Did not patch self, file is current. On Patch File - Failed to patch self.s, total Time Millis=d, total Time Seconds=On Patch File - All assets are current.Cache Local Site Directory./Launch Pad.libs/Diagnostics Urllocal: Crash Recovery Urllocal:Loading Screen Url Window Title Cursor Filename Icon Filename Launch Enable Data Compression Failure Directoryc:/Failure Logs/Delete Logs Directory On Startup Local Log Level Local Directory./Launchpad.libs/Logs Splash Screen Height Splash Screen Width Splash Screen Image Filepath./Launch Pad.libs/Pages/Window Height Enable Multi Boxing Enable Diagnostics Legacy Patcher Javascript Object Name Legacy Patcher Dll Folder Legacy Patcher Dll Enable Legacy Patcher Patching User Options Filename Resource Directory./Launch Pad.libs/Resources Working Directory Enable Dev Mode Local Inifile Launch Launch Failed to load configuration, [email protected] Error The game launcher failed to initialize properly.In the window/folder that comes up, locate and delete the following files: codes are the result of a generic error caused by a graphics or an interface related crash.

If this issue persists please make sure that your system meets H1Z1's minimum requirements and that your current graphics drivers are up to date.

Even after the extended beta, the game couldn’t escape few issues that require immediate attention of the developer.

Before they release a quick patch to fix all the issues, you can refer to our for workarounds.

Delete your temporary internet files and clean your cookies/cache.

In your internet settings via Internet Explorer, make sure following settings are checked.

Enable Rendering - enable=Set Focus - focus=Get External Object Property - object Name=s, property Name=Successfully initialized the graphics device.d, device Error String=Create Device - Failed to create the device.