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Carbonates from the two caves show similar chronologies, mineralogical transitions, isotopic compositions, and uranium concentrations.

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We're not exactly sure if this question was prompted by Dove kissing a girl or if a fan just decided to ask Bella her opinion. She liked a few tweets that asked her if she was and kissed her friend. Here's to hoping that Dove gives us some answers super soon – and gives Bella a chance at what she may be looking for!For researchers in Islamic studies, historical evidence dating the Quran back to Islam’s foundational era has proved elusive.This has led to hotly contested academic debates about the early or late canonisation of the Quran, with a small handful of scholars claiming that the book is a product of a much later (mid-eighth century and after) age of compilation or even confabulation, when ‘Abbasid-era scholars rationalised and expanded the Muslim religious corpus.Over the weekend Dove was seen kissing one of her girl friends AND she liked tweets asking if she was bisexual.Now fans are convinced she's totally into guys and girls, which obviously came as a huge surprise because she had been dating Ryan Mc Cartan for so long. Collectively and individually, we’ve had to fight for control in every area of our lives.

If you’re currently in your place of work, you travelled there on your own and you’re wearing trousers, you’re benefitting from the actions of the particularly persistent pioneers who pushed, asked the questions and raised their voices to make sure that women have rights.

Records of past changes in lake levels and lake water isotopic composition in closed basins provide key insights into past variations in the hydrological cycle; however, these records are often limited by dating precision and temporal resolution.

Here we present data from lacustrine cave carbonates, a previously unexplored class of carbonates that comprise a promising new archive of past hydrologic changes in the Bonneville Basin of the northeastern Great Basin (USA).

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These dense carbonates precipitated within caves, crevices, and other protected spaces flooded by Lake Bonneville during its highstand in the last glacial period.