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Dating uncircumcised men

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Reader, I did a double take -- more out of curiosity than anything else, but I saw that he saw me staring. To be sexually attractive, we're told, we must be toned, taut, tanned, plucked, waxed.

Well, until I fell in love with an Indian guy who worked in my office.I didn't notice the difference at first -- unless you're really looking, it's difficult to discern an intact penis from a circumcised one when the penis is erect.It wasn't until the post-coital moments of relaxation and intimacy that I saw what was going on down there. As someone who took many -- probably too many -- Women's Studies classes in college, I'm keenly aware of society's unrealistic definition of what's sexy, especially when it comes to women's bodies.After our first date, I learned he was born in England and moved around a lot as a child. About a week into dating, I was home watching a rerun of “Sex and the City” on the Style Network (RIP) and saw the episode when Charlotte was dating a guy who was uncircumcised. Women won't even notice at first because during intercourse an uncircumcised penis normally looks just like a normal penis.

The skin is pulled back and the penis is erect so it looks nearly identical. Most of the time it's not even very noticeable, if at all. It would only "smells like shit" if the guy was dirty and didn't know how to bathe.

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Luc and I had been dating a couple weeks and were taking things slow. Please note: I also had about four glasses of wine and was on the honest/drunk train.

Most women had the same reaction I did and were "polite" about it when the "inevitable question arose." Interestingly, our talk of penises led to an even more intimate discussion, in which he revealed that his mother, protective of her only son, could not stomach the idea of hurting her baby boy. Since it's done when men are infants, long before I meet them, it had never occurred to me.

I wanted to know, did he feel like circumcision would've hurt him? For many contemporary parents, I've since learned, circumcision is a very big deal.

I swear it’s not that bad.” Me: Googling uncircumcised penis… Things got hot and heavy fast (OK, so we weren’t taking it THAT slow). Me: I’m sure I looked like a deer in headlights – stunned as I saw my first uncircumcised penis in real life. I just have never seen an uncircumcised penis before, and I need to take this all in.” Him: “Seriously? It’s just if you’re not used to it, it can be a bit scary.