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But isn’t it interesting that all those who faint like shocked maiden ladies at the bearded Leftism of Jeremy Corbyn still fawn over the supposed ‘moderation’ of Blair?The disclosure reminded me of the recent unwise boast by Blair’s one-time close aide, Peter Hyman, who blurted out that the New Labour ‘project’ was ‘infinitely more revolutionary than anything proposed by Jeremy Corbyn’.

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In a soft-hitting interview, Baron Hennessy amusingly asked the Bomber of Baghdad: ‘When did you discover the great gifts you have for explanation and performance? This is obviously the way to get the Blair creature to talk. We have always known that his great university pal was an Australian called Geoff Gallop.It is seductive, and helps the reader to be more articulate. That is one of the reasons why, when I have time for serious reading, I read history above all things, which is full of things I didn’t know and constantly forces me to revise my position.But very few people want to read polemics by those they profoundly disagree with in the first place. It’s also why I try to cram my books with facts that will surprise readers.Their bad behaviour stems from fear: they’re frightened their partner will find you so irresistible, they’ll either attempt to seduce you for a bit on the side or fall madly in love and run off into the sunset.To be happy single, you have to stop listening to people who tell you you shouldn’t be, that it’s ‘unnatural’ to be single, that life can only be good when you’re part of a couple and people who insist your entire life purpose is to find a mate. Dave’s friend John has broken up from his girlfriend. I thought about getting cat but I’m out six nights out of seven, who would feed it?Of course this appears at first to be a great compliment to the power of his tongue and pen, and indeed in a way it is. I know that people pay more attention to me than I might think justified, as I am no more than a jobbing scribbler, not a guru, priest or philosopher.

I sometimes receive touching and moving letters from people who tell me that something I have written or said has helped them to an understanding of the world.

From kitchen items to livestock and even her house, Assa Mkwananzi says she has "lost it all" to floods that have hit southern Zimbabwe.

"We lost all our blankets, pots and cooking utensils, our goats and chickens as well because of the heavy rains," Mkwananzi told The Associated Press in the southern district of Tsholotsho, about 200 kilometers north of Bulawayo.

My books are of course arguments, but they would be worthless in my view if they were not also factual.

Field workers often create Excel spreadsheets to track data and run their processes. Here's how Carlsberg Danmark centralized business process management, created an orderly system with consistent data, and saved hundreds of hours in backoffice time.

Since December, floods have killed 246 people, injured 128 and left nearly 2,000 homeless, Saviour Kasukuwere, Zimbabwe's minister of local government, said last week.