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Dating thank you

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Too often, people know they should write a thank you note, but they put it off because they either think it will take too much time or they don't know what to say--or both.A well-written thank you note will take just a few minutes to write if you follow this step-by-step guide.

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Thank you for supporting my dreams and admiring my ambition.During our Party on Pinterest we will be interacting LIVE with our followers on this GOTTA-FOLLOW PINTEREST BOARD for a full hour!Add in a bunch of must-have giveaways, caption contests, super-duper creative pins, and digital PARTY FAVORS for all and you have a recipe for a good time! Thank you for treating me like a woman with value and making me feel like I was one of a kind. Thank you for taking a risk by approaching me and not giving up even though my guard seemed too strong to crack. And you went through this, too, so that one day, one amazing day, the universe would bring us to each other. Thank you for not getting back with your ex-girlfriend, even though you thought about it.

My string of unfortunate connections, dead-end relationships and struggles of the heart were just inching me closer to you. Thank you for always thinking ahead and focusing on the future, so that you could offer stability.

Thank you for grasping life and inhaling all of its experiences so that it could make you the man you are.

Thank you for making me laugh when I couldn’t even crack a smile.

By Cathryn Conroy It is the ultimate in good manners to express your gratitude in writing, so knowing how to write a thank you note is an essential life skill.

Every gift deserves a thank you note--even gifts you don't like or won't use. If you live in the same home as the gift-giver, you don't have to write a formal note.

With the ever-growing popularity of technology, the art of writing an “old-school” note is being lost.