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The islands are humid and rainy most of the year with average temperatures around 85 degrees Fahrenheit. Instead, the National Park Service leases the land from the Samoan village councils.Although a relatively small territory, American Samoa has a long cultural history.

There’s also a huge wildlife sanctuary, where you and your date can test each other’s knowledge of the local flora and fauna or just enjoy the experience of being close to nature. This part of Queensland is famous for sunsets that light up the entire sky, making it the perfect location for Gold Coast singles to fall in love.According to oral tradition, the Maloata area was reserved for use by relatively high-status chieftains.In the traditional setting, the custodians of knowledge were normally of tulafale or orator status.The Samoan term for someone who was selected to be a recipient of knowledge was often referred to as o e nainai, he or they who are specially selected for the transfer of knowledge.The knowledge of tulafale is sacred as is the transfer of this knowledge to the nainai. driver's license or passport) is required before record will be sent. For birth and death records dating from 1900, marriages and divorces contact Vital Records for American Samoa.This population is 89 percent Samoan, 3.7 percent Tongan, and about 2 percent white (mostly Americans).

The remaining 5 percent are small subgroups from other Pacific islands, Asians, and groups of mixed heritage.

Generally speaking, tulafalewere all schooled in genealogical history and in the meanings of mythology, rituals, chants, songs, dances and so on. When tuua transfer their knowledge to a nainai the transfer is considered to have depth. American Samoa Government Governor's Office Registrar of Vital Records Office Pago Pago, AS 96799 (684) 633-1406 High Court of American Samoa Tutuila, AS 9679 Make money order payable to ASG Treasurer.

Located 2,600 miles southwest of Hawaii, the National Park of American Samoa is the most remote unit of the National Park System and the U. While remote, the islands of American Samoa, true to the meaning of the word Samoa (Islands of Sacred Earth), are welcoming and offer beautiful landscapes and centuries of culture and history.

In American Samoa, an unincorporated territory only 76.1 square miles (197 square kilometers) in area, the largest island is Tutuila, the administrative center.

Just offshore is Aunu'u, and sixty miles to the east is the Manu'a Group: Ofu, Olosega, and Ta'ū.

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