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Dating party tokyo

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For every chairlift-ride “date” they go on, they’ll earn a raffle ticket for a prize at the end of the event.

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At a recent "konkatsu," or "marriage-hunting," event, nearly 80 single men and women buzzed around the room trying to gather as many answers as possible to a list of icebreaker questions like "What is your favorite food?They all have full-time jobs, (granted they aren’t making bank, but then again who is) but it’s just a more convenient/efficient way of of life for them.But when it comes to dating, living with parents are not so convenient.All applicants are screened by a pool of venture capitalists and seasoned entrepreneurs.The competition runs through both days of the event and culminates with the finals taking place on the main stage. In Slush Asia 2016, over 80 companies got a chance to showcase their product to investors, media and other Slush attendees.Café restaurant Las Chicas and bar/party lounge Tokyo Salon offers monthly exhibition space where each artist can be creative in his or her own way.

Where to go on “dates” is very important for Japanese couples.

“Chair Six is a longer ride and there’s some parts that are romantic because it brings you right up to the tree line.” Here’s how the awesome/awkward adventure will work: Skiers and boarders will get paired up by professional matchmakers, then ride the chairlift to the top of the hill together.

If the ride goes well, they can ski down together, or hide behind their goggles and ski off on their own to find chemistry with someone else.

In 2016, more than 360 startups gathered at our Slush event in Tokyo to meet with investors, executives, and media.

Don’t miss your chance to meet your next investment and register for a Startup Pass and a Demo Booth! Startup Day is place for you to learn how to improve your business model and boost the sales by inspirational experts of the specific fields by participating at the workshops or queueing at one-on-one meeting.

It seems restaurants are the most casually chosen location for the first date.