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A total of 180 out of 841 cases tested positive for Vibrio Cholera, serotype Ogawa.

All parties to the continuing armed conflict committed war crimes and other serious violations of international law with impunity.Due to the deteriorating security situation in Sana’a, the Department of State suspended embassy operations at U. The level of instability and ongoing threats in Yemen remain extremely concerning. The Saudi border post is not staffed or designed to handle high demand. All consular services, routine and emergency, continue to be suspended until further notice. At the time of this posting, the only open border crossing is at Al Wadiah, also written as “Al Wuday’ah”.(UNICEF, ) On 27 October, [WHO] released approximately US$1 million from its internal emergency funds to support the ongoing response to the cholera outbreak in Yemen.(WHO, ) As of 11 January [2017], 15,658 suspected cholera cases have been reported in 156 districts. To make reservations, please contact the Yemenia Airlines office in Sanaa, located at Al-Zubairi Street. We will prepare a letter to the Saudi authorities confirming your citizenship, and asking that you be granted a transit visa.

Those travelers with family members requiring immigrant visas should depart Yemen at least one month prior to an interview to allow adequate time for travel uncertainties, including obtaining a Djibouti visa from a consulate abroad, and to complete required medical examinations in Djibouti before a U. Consular Reports of Birth Abroad may be requested without an appointment at the time of a spouse’s visa interview provided the U. citizen parent and child are both present at the spouse’s interview in Djibouti. We have been informed that Yemenia Airlines may be able to operate flights out of Yemen. citizens departing Yemen, please consider all possible routes before deciding to depart via the Yemen-Saudi Arabia border. If you decide to travel to Saudi Arabia, please send your U. passport number, full name and date of birth with your travel plans to Jeddah [email protected] travelling to the border.

If you wish to depart Yemen, you should stay alert for other opportunities to leave the country. In addition, Yemenia’s subsidiary, Felix Airways, aka Al Saeeda, now operates weekly flights between Seiyun and Djibouti. Note that any visa interview scheduled by the National Visa Center will be canceled three business days in advance of the interview if a medical exam is not received by that date. citizens should make their own determination as to whether conditions are safe enough for them to travel. Please continue to monitor the media and stay alert for other opportunities to leave the country. citizens who have attempted to cross have reported long delays in a harsh environment, and some have been detained or turned away by Saudi authorities.

citizens who are able to depart Yemen for another country and are in need of emergency assistance upon arrival may contact a U. Also note that regular flights from Aden transit major regional air hubs with connecting flights to Djibouti and that this is generally the safer alternative to sea travel.

We administer many scholarship and exchange programs for students seeking to live or study in the U. Our offices in Aden and Sanaa have helped more than 4,000 individuals receive training or degrees from institutions of higher learning in the United States.

We partner with NGOs, government agencies, and international development donors to design and implement programs that strengthen local institutions.

The Saudi Arabia-led coalition supporting the internationally recognized Yemeni government bombed hospitals and other civilian infrastructure and carried out indiscriminate attacks, killing and injuring civilians.