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Dating old buildings

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Construction on the Arsenal started in 1858 and founded the following year, and was used to furnish arms and munitions to the frontier forts in Texas.

Good adaptive use projects not only find a new use for old structures, but also find a compatible use that allows a building’s original fabric and significant elements to be retained.This type of house became popular following WWII and is typically used for vacation and second homes, particularly in snowy climates, where its form sheds snow easily.Features include: a steeply sloping gable roof, front and rear gables, deep-set eaves, large window openings on the front and rear facades, and a small living space.Some historic homes are left in uptown Charlotte, especially in Fourth Ward; it's not all “New South” yet. However, many homes were moved to Fourth Ward from other areas, in hopes of creating a new uptown residential neighborhood for the people who wished to live in the center city.But relatively few commercial buildings have survived.The Village has everything from healthcare and financial services to schools and churches, a terrific farmers market that runs May to October, plus shopping that is unparalleled.

Drop by and see all that the Ancaster Heritage Village has to offer.

It served as the municipal centre, police office and council chamber until the new municipal building opened in 1966.

Current home of Ancaster Minor Sports Association and Ancaster Heritage Village BIA.

It was built by German immigrant John Kush on South Presa Street and was the home of short story writer O. French-trained architect Francois Giraud, along with Jules Poinard, built the first academy using the rammed earth method of construction.

There were several additions made to the building over the years, including a chapel, a dormitory building, a priest's house and another academy building.

Tree-ring dating has been applied to eight historic log buildings in southcentral Texas.