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Dating kienzle clocks

That would be my preference in case the finish underneath is salvagable.

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In 1900 Kienzle launches the time stamp clock on the market, followed by inexpensive pocket watches, travelling clocks and wristwatches for ladies.But not only is the watch production continuously extended and modernized.The international activities are also steadily enlarged.Thanks Harold, I bought a product called Ready Strip today. I tried the furniture masque but it just cleaned up the paint.If I can soften the paint, I think I can manually remove it.The name of the company was changed to Schlenker & Kienzle.

From 1894 onwards the weight and the cost of alarm clocks and wall clocks was significantly reduced by the introduction of the "American System" with standardised individual components and perforated plates. In 1897 Jakob Kienzle became the sole owner, with the name of the company later being changed to Kienzle.

Hi all: Could someone please help me date a Kienzle bracket clock.

The movement has the winged wheel emblem and the number 22. Other than by case style, there is no database that I know of for Kienzle. I had a German box clock that had been painted black.

I used a combination of scraping and paint remover to strip it, then shellaced it.

It's usually a lot of work, but worth it if you like the clock.

In 1883 Jakob Kienzle marries into the Schlenker family and henceforward he contributes to the expansion of the company.