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Dating handbook

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, which is directed by James Head, is about a woman who desperately seeks the advice of a relationship expert so that she can stop dating the wrong guys.It is written by Jennifer Barrow and Rich Tabach, according to centers around the beautiful Cassandra, a single woman who has a hard time finding the right mate.

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Below, check out the cast info, according to Hallmark Channel’s website.See full summary » Realizing she has a recurring habit of picking the wrong type of guy, Cassandra Barber turns to relationship expert, Dr.Susie, and her latest self-help book, "Dater's Handbook" to help with her ailing love life. Susie's book to evaluate potential suitors, and then must ultimately choose between reliable George and fun-loving Robert.You don’t need to tell the person that you plan on marrying them, but let them know that you’re serious and committed.Instead of hanging out on your couch, go out on dates.Willie and his wife Winnie make a special appearance towards the beginning and the end of the film and it is such a gift to see them.

If you are unfamiliar with Willie, you might remember him from .

Tired of dating all the wrong guys, Cassandra enlists the help of a popular dating expert (Dr.

Susie) who gives her a copy of “The Dater’s Handbook.” Cassandra does everything she can to follow the guidelines in the book to a tee, even if it means sticking to a rigid checklist in order to compare which man might be right for her. George is a dependable and reliable man who is successful, well educated, and has a lucrative bank account, And then there is Robert, a handsome, fun-loving guy who brings out the best in Cassandra, making her feel alive.

While the films included in this collection are the typical romantic comedies that follow the prescribed Hallmark brand, the audience can be assured of two hours of positivity and a reminder that true love is rarely simple but always worth it.

Don’t blink or you might miss these two in the film.

Here’s hoping to see them both in more substantial roles in the future.