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Anyway, my father lived in Corpus Christi most of his early years, but spent a lot of time in San Diego and Benavides, living with relatives. Dad was a newspaper printer ( mainly a linotypist and proofreader) for over 50 years before his retirement. He was well traveled in following that occupation and worked all over the country. - My primary source, besides from what my father told me, is a biographical sketch taken from the on , at Petersburg, [Independent City], Virginia, [USA]. He died , New Albany, Floyd, Indiana, [USA], and was buried in Holy Trinity Cemetery on . When I was taking my Midwifery course in Edinburgh, SCOTLAND, I met a fellow nurse called Rita Tinney, from Whitehaven, on the NW coast of ENGLAND. Although my great-great grandfather, From: [email protected](David Radcliffe) Greetings from a friend of a friend. There was a John Poynor married to wife Eleanor/Elinda/Nelly. Part of her ancestry is in Sweden, where the records are fantastically detailed. I would be happy to exchange information with anyone interested in my line of , a widow with three (3) children. I am From: [email protected](Alison Bakker) Your surname attracted my attention. This would give me a location for them, which I need as a starting point. " by Leonard Tibbetts and Darryl Lamson, published last year. Mitchell St., Warrensburg, MO 64093 [USA]) for $59.50 postpaid. We are beginning to accumulate enough of her history so that we could set up a web page (or set of pages).

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— There is no typical workday for an animal-care intern at Roger Williams Park Zoo.Important information from written communications, personal correspondence and other email contacts relating to the Tinney, Teny, Tenney, Tenni, Tennison, Tennyson, Tinn, Tinne, Tinning, Tyne, Tynne, Tynney surnames and variations. York [Yorkshire County, ENGLAND], is the first recorded ancestor of the family of which the Poet-Laureate is so distinguished an ornament. Grandpa served in the Civil War as a Confederate Officer, becoming a newspaper publisher in the Corpus Christi area during the 1870s and 1880s. He returned to New Orleans, [Louisiana, USA], where he married his second wife, living in St. Before migrating South, ], left Petersburg, Virginia, [USA], after the Revolutionary War and settled in Springfield (Washington County) Kentucky, [USA]. He moved around from place to place and did not leave a will. My family still lives in New York State (Buffalo and Rochester area), USA. From: [email protected](Iris Renee Tinney) I have just gone through some of your info, and I found it very interesting.There is, however, in the family a tradition of long-standing that it descends from a collateral relative of referred to in Mr. - My great-grandfather (]), separated from his first wife in A. I have tried several times to trace my family, with the help of some other family members, we have been able to trace back to the mid 1800's. In older records, Thibodaux is sometimes referred to as Thibodauxville (pronounced Ti-baa-dough). I know that we have relatives in several states, and I believe California is one of them.Located at the first convenient Charles River crossing west of Boston, Newe Towne was one of a number of towns (including Boston, Dorchester, Watertown, and Weymouth), founded by the 700 original Puritan colonists of the Massachusetts Bay Colony under governor John Winthrop.Its first preacher was Thomas Hooker, who led many of its original inhabitants west to found the Connecticut Colony; before leaving, however, they sold their plots to more recent immigrants from England.The site for what would become Cambridge was chosen in December 1630, because it was located safely upriver from Boston Harbor, which made it easily defensible from attacks by enemy ships.

Thomas Dudley, his daughter Anne Bradstreet, and her husband Simon, were among the first settlers of the town. The settlement was initially referred to as "the newe towne".

The next, you're carrying a sedated leopard in for his annual physical, says Joey Golden, a 24-year-old intern from Lincoln.

Dozens of students apply for the five coveted internship positions at the zoo each semester, said Diane S.

"She wanted to get married on 07/07/07, so it wasn't something that naturally happened."Their quick-moving romance resulted in the Vancouver native uprooting from Canada to Las Vegas, where he still resides a decade later.

See photos of the Property Brothers, Jonathan and Drew Scott: RIDGEWOOD, NJ - APRIL 17: Jonathan Scott and Drew Scott of the show 'The Property Brothers' attend the Jonathan & Drew Scott Sign Copies Of 'Dream Home' at Bookends Bookstore on April 17, 2016 in Ridgewood, New Jersey.

I was born in Dayton, [Montgomery County], Ohio, [USA], in A. A sister and I were raised in Galveston, Texas by an aunt there. - My grandfather, ]), mother and brothers and sister in A. The town of Corpus Christi had been founded only a few years before his arrival. From LDS FHC film # 029, 294 the Personal Property List of Dinwiddie County, Virginia, for the years A. For a number of years I have been corresponding with Sherry Tinney, a teacher residing there and I am trying to persuade her to embark on the 'net. Best wishes, David and Barbara Radcliffe, Southport, ENGLAND. I went searching for an ancestor; I cannot find him still. I recently came upon some old letters that were written to a - he lived in Akron, New York (0utside of Buffalo) and that his father fled IRELAND as a young man due to his involvement in protests against the English.