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Dating couple gossiped about crossword

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However, I would fundamentally question the use of the word ‘gossip’ by the scientists.

During the affair, my lover and I shared our problems, compared notes, exchanged feelings and dreamed of a “future”.We made love just the once and this was never repeated.The rest of our affair was spent in conversation, snatched on the phone or in discreet meetings.In the early 1950s she was a close friend of Grace Fairbrother who later married her brother Phil.Christine married Paul Johnson; it was discovered she was infertile, and they adopted a son, Peter.Quite apart from the fact that gossip can be devastating for people who get whispered about, it is also equally damaging for the whisperer.

And yet gossip seems to have become such a normal, accepted part of our society, particularly for women.

Dr Sara Sereno, of the University of Glasgow, explained: "Gossip revolves around its content and its target.

To us, a good piece of gossip should be judged as information worthy of being passed on to those who are well placed to appreciate its content.

He is fully aware of everything that happened and, while devastated, he readily accepts he had a role to play in our marital breakdown.

Life is good, and I genuinely hope this is the same for the other couple concerned.

Dr Bo Yao, of the University of Manchester, said: "Intuitively, it is not surprising we are more likely to gossip about familiar people and interesting stories.