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Francis Duo (2LP)”Omnivore “Omnivore ( D/L)”Taylor, Ebo “Twer Nyame”Various Artists “Banned In Czechoslovakia: Underground Praha Musical Activism Under Communism, 1975-90 (DG 307, The MCH Band, The Plastic People Of The Universe, Uz Jsme Doma…)”Various Artists “Metal Dance Ltd. The rich sounding emotional hooks in tracks like “Hold Me Down” and “Open Bar” are easy to follow and get engrossed in.

• Fast: video images in black & white, 32-color, and 4,096-color HAM. To order call toll-free anytime: Nationwide: 800-452-4445, ext. 1156 For more information, contact: A-Squared Distributions Inc. 1027G i « i viei Min d I Coara Jori-Arif i __ OWER SIMPLICITY=PRODUCTIVITY Feel our POWER. By extending a published program and letting us know, you have paid AC and Mr. If you send a disk with these refinements, we will add the code to a future Public Domain Disk and send you a copy as a further thank you.Jumping Jacks Broughton centre with lots of tunnels, soft play areas, and slides for tots.You come here every Sunday when the weather is bad..ABS-CBN on Friday revealed its newest noontime show, "Happy Yipee Yehey." The network introduced the 8 hosts of the new program, led by former noontime show hosts Randy Santiago and John Estrada.They will be joined by Mariel Rodriguez, Toni Gonzaga, Bentong, You Tube star Jober, Bianca Manalo, and Pinoy Big Brother winner Melai Cantiveros.Spencer Yeh, Jon Wesseltoft)” Hip-Hop 12″s & LPs______________________Apollo Brown OC “Trophies (2LP Gatefold)”Atmosphere “Sad Clown Bad Summer Number 9”Brown, Danny “The Hybrid”Brown, Danny “XXX ( Bonus XXXapellas 7″)”Brown, Kev “Random Joints (Clear Vinyl)”Charizma & Peanut Butter Wolf “Big Shots (2LP)”Dibia$e “Looney Goons”Sessions, Will “Bobo Breaks”Various Artists “All The Breaks Vol. “Stereo/Video” is one of the most interesting standouts, sounding like new wave evolving into robust, modern indie with curious lyrics (“I hear voices on the stereo / I see faces on the video.”) “Temple Bar” is another high point with its male-and-female vocals and warm, passionate sound with corresponding lyrical themes (“you’re safe with me, my word is true / I wouldn’t mislead you.”)[Reviewer: Mark](At A Loss Recordings)For over seven years, this Melbourne five-piece has been dredging along with its uncompromising brand of ultra-sludgy doom metal.

1 (100 Breaks)” Electronic 12″s & LPs______________________Aeroplane “We Can’t Fly”Kavinsky “Nightcall”Kwes “Meantime EP”Matador “Spooks EP”Siriusmo “Dr. On top of the traditional guttural/screaming vocals and slow-simmered mix of drawn-out guitars and percussion, these guys aren’t afraid to crank up the caustic noise of heavy feedback and various other forms of crusty electronic decay.

"Kung ano naman ako sa tunay na buhay, 'yun ang nilalabas ko.

Gusto nila beauty queen na kikay na maingay na makulit, eh ganyan talaga ako," said Manalo.

“Control, Annihilate” is an interesting transition toward the end, mixing fast speed, slow speed and noise like “Progression” before it.

Closing track “Time Worn Regression” has the most memorable, “catchy” melody structure, but layers of heavy static and feedback (most present and the beginning and end, with a constant atmospheric rumble throughout) help make it sound even more menacing.

I got half a meg of RAM, one disk drive, but I had to use my TV, instead of a monitor. A Conference with Eric Craham edited by John Foust 38 The mastermind behind Sculpt 3D and Animate 3D. BBS List compiled by Joe Rothman, Chet Solace, and Dorothy Dean 100 514 BBS phone numbers in the U. Flow by Pamela Rothman 25 Turn your brainstorms into mental works of art. Unlike the glossier Amiga specific publications, I think AC has grown with the Amiga and its user base, and I'd like to encourage you to continue to do so.