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Dating attitudes and behaviors of american and chinese college students

dating attitudes and behaviors of american and chinese college students-90

The industry is poorly regulated and fraud is rampant. The schools are getting a lot of money, and they, frankly, are not doing a lot in terms of orientation.”According to the Institute of International Education, 274,439 students from China attended school in the United States in 2013-4, a 16 percent jump from the year before. In the past, Chinese students in the United States tended to be graduate students living on tight budgets.According to Zinch China, an educational consulting company, 90 percent of Chinese applicants submit fake recommendations, 70 percent have other people write their essays, 50 percent have forged high school transcripts, and 10 percent list academic awards and other achievements they did not receive. Chinese students represent 31 percent of all international students in the country and contributed an estimated $22 billion to the U. Now, many young Chinese are getting their undergraduate degrees overseas.

They determined that university students “are vulnerable to financial crisis”.Your access to the NCBI website at gov has been temporarily blocked due to a possible misuse/abuse situation involving your site.This is not an indication of a security issue such as a virus or attack.Credit cards have been very big business for several decades.The cards have made the life easier for many people because they do not need to carry large amount of cash for most purchases.(13 ref)--College of Human Sciences, Texas Tech University.

(This article originally appeared in College Student Journal, 2003, 37 (September) pp.

Since the interest goes to the issuer of credit card bank so it makes credit card a profitable business for the issuing bank.

The staggering number of credit cards in circulation exemplifies this crisis, as does the number of cards carried by the average student.

Gender was found to be significant predictor of sexual behaviors in university students: males reported more sexual behaviors including sexual fantasy, heterosexual intercourse, masturbation, viewing pornography and talking about sex with friends.

Several correlates of sexual behaviors were identified for students of different gender separately.

Some schools—such as Purdue University in Indiana—profit further by charging additional fees for international students.*But the symbiotic relationship between cash-strapped American schools and Chinese students is not without its problems.