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Dating as an investment banking analyst

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In one particularly bleak moment, they’d started calling Goldman’s downtown headquarters “Azkaban,” after the prison in the Harry Potter series where inmates’ souls are sucked from their bodies., and the fact that these jobs are extremely well-paid—first-year investment bankers make anywhere from $90,000 to $140,000, including year-end bonuses—you might think that my eight banker informants were living the good life.

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My main concern may seem a bit cheesy, but I’m sure many others share it.” question and assess whether or not you’re willing to sacrifice your life for the job. Not even being in the industry anymore, I don’t have anything for you at the moment – maybe you should contact someone who still works in investment banking.What are your opinions on having a girlfriend as a young investment banker (1-5 years experience)? Do you consider that it is worthy for the support or extras that come with it vs just going out?The female banker is an odd yet intriguing creature.She works 80-100 hour weeks, perpetually talks likes she’s job interviewing, and is obsessed with fashion magazines and teeny-bopper television shows.They’d arrived from their Ivy League campuses less than a year before, fresh-faced and idealistic.

Jeremy had gotten placed in commodities, and Samson had made a home in the firm’s mortgage division.

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As with breaking into investment banking from the back office, theoretically it’s possible to do this but hardly anyone pulls it off successfully.

Accountants Breaking Into Finance Accounting is a useful background for investment banking – despite rumors to the contrary, most of what you do as a banker is basic accounting.

You spend most of your time analyzing financial statements and creating 3-statement models – anything more advanced is not as common.