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Dating an identical twin

Listen, if you're a twin, you're really not shocked at that statement, and let's get real, neither is your therapist. I have no doubt you're close with your brother or sister as well, but there's just something different about twins...People, imagine sharing the womb with someone else--fighting for food, sleeping on each other's faces, jockeying for position to see who pops out first--ya get close. It's hard to explain to others that type of connection you have with one another--ESPECIALLY when it's yo boyfriend/man interest/future Mr. As twins, we've played specific roles in each other's lives since we decided to make our grand entry into the world together.

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There is some evidence to suggest that the closeness between some sets of twins may be even greater and more intimate than that in marriages.Just like we were a split egg, we're now, in some ways, a split person: we balance each other out, and we need the other one to feel complete.As angry as we get when people refer to us as one person, twins know that there is truth to their statements: our identity is not found individually, but together...Perhaps one thing you should know about dating a twin is that you should view this person as no different than dating a person of a single birth.You might expect a higher degree of closeness between the twin and his/her sibling, however.I once read a Wiki-How on "How to Date a Twin (With Pictures)."First off, let's just stop right there. I'm not sure if I should feel offended, or honored that people think twins need their own manual.

From my understanding, Wiki-How is a website that offers how-to guides for people who have questions such as "How do I do this? Usually when I think about manuals, I think about products that read "Too hot to handle" or "Dangerous"... Not that I would personally know since I've never dated a twin before, but I've had a front row seat in watching guys try and date my sister.

Dating a twin may be similar or not so similar to dating a person who was a single birth child.

Sometimes, especially with identical twins, the amount of closeness between twins can interfere with romantic relationships.

As close as many sets of twins are, it's only natural that twins sometimes end up marrying another set of twins.

It doesn't happen too often (we've seen one reference to only 250 sets of identical twins married to identical twins in the world) but when it does, it can mean double bliss and a lot of second-glances.

It’s obvious the twins enjoy being completely, exactly, absolutely the same, and if they ever got the chance to fuse bodies and become one individual, I bet they would.