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Dating alcoholic two different people

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Hey drummerchick423, I'm still with my AH (who is in recovery now with around 70 days sober currently living in a sober living home) so I don't have any experience dating anyone in recovery...

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At times she has burst out crying, or into fits of laughter.And we could think of no one better than Johnnie Walker Master Blender Jim Beveridge (and yes, that's his real last name).We recently picked his brain about one of the manliest spirits you can stock in your liquor cabinet. I liked talking to him, because we could discuss the program and all that. Prior to that ,he was sober 5 years but he relapsed when the economy went south. I am so scared that my AH will relapse because, like you, I don't ever what to go through this hell again. but I am interested in what others have to say about this.Though married before, he claims to believe fervently in finding true love, and actually interacts with online dating in a fairly sensible way.

He has a list of reasonable red flags, and labors over the depth of his messages to potential dates.

: Most guys are familiar with either bourbon or rye. Jim Beveridge: To me, the big difference will be in the kind of wood in which the whiskey is matured, because bourbon whiskey has to be matured in American oak casks. Rye whiskey tends to be lighter, doesn’t necessarily need to be matured in new casks, and has less woodiness.

When you get into Scotch whisky, the flavors tend to be quite pronounced.

You've probably picked up bits and pieces of whiskey knowledge from a crowded bar or two, but it's time to set the record straight.

To find the purest knowledge, you need to connect with the best teacher.

There’s less flavor coming from the wood compared with bourbon, for example.