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Dating a kenmore sewing machine

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The inclined needle bar would become known as the "Slant-Needle" but engineering of this new machine would continue and included another patent that improved the balancing of the rotary hook for the purpose of reducing vibration. An imaginary plane of reference, A-B-C, controls the bed casting.In the meantime Singer started to build a new manufacturing plant to be located in Anderson, South Carolina that would manufacture all slant-needle model sewing machines and was completed in 1950. It passes through point A, a real point of vantage common to both parts.

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These high-quality machines not only look incredible; they also offer powerful performance thanks to sturdy motors and bearings.It has been found that if the parts are inclined less; than about eight degrees from vertical, a clear stitching point is not obtained.It was patented to Singer Manufacturing Company on 5 February 1946. you never saw production flow more smoothly when complex precision parts are made by one company, finished and assembled by another. (Made of die-cast aluminum for light weight and sturdiness) In the photo above the two major Doehler-Jarvis die castings that frame "Singer's new Model 301" have been assembled, then sliced down the middle to show the (Tripod-Control) method.Durable construction and a name brand trusted by millions add confidence in the purchase of a Kenmore sewing machine.When it comes to your Kenmore sewing machine, it's often the smallest details that matter most.And this just in, visit this page to find out the year of manufacture by the code included in the machine serial number.

And some Singer machines are more saught-after than others!

Kenmore sewing machines provide homemakers and craftspeople alike with a wide array of options for sewing clothes, decor items, home linens and more.

These top-quality machines feature special features like embroidery and serging capability, extending their use even further.

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