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Dating a fatherless women

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Back to the main topic at hand…here are a couple questions I recently had a young lady pose to me: 1.

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I had to resolve my neediness for connection as well as my veiled hostility toward the women I felt held the power to either grant love to me or deny me its access.However, I totally agree with the perspective she shared via e-mail.I posted a write-up some time ago about how men are the cause for many of the relationship issues that we are reaping in today’s society.My father-lack affected my self-worth, which forced me to create my own distorted and fabricated notions of masculinity and corresponding behavior.I often romantized depictions of patriarchal masculinity adopted from the media and popular culture, without having a nuanced understanding of the multiple ways in which culture, race/ethnicity, and class informed my sense of self and the other.Guys and Girls: What have you witnessed and what do you think about the topic?

Fatherless Girls, do you date a ton of men because you crave the attention or do you have issues interacting with men?

There is something organic in having good, flexible, and consistent masculine energy in one’s life.

An emotionally available father not only provides a sense of comfort and safety, but can provide the growing male with a day-to-day example of what it means to exhibit both strength and vulnerability.

It is not something that is uncommon, but unfortunately we have to hear about this all the time as African American women.

In the video below, a man gives his opinion on some things that men think when dating a black woman who doesn’t have a father.

It is because of our (men’s) selfish choices of making babies and not maturing/parenting these children, that has led us to such a significant amount of drama in modern-day relationships.