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Dating a chess set

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An important question for the collector/researcher is: how can antique chess sets be accurately dated?

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It is cast from resin and the box is made of whatever wood painted red. The pieces have been painted more than once it appears although we don't believe they have been recently painted at all. Some pieces missing an ear etc but overall damage given age is minimal and quite age commensurate and there is no damage which detracts from this amazing set. Please note that the last link points to trustworthy merchants who do not lie to their customers and do not try to sell their goods as fake antique. If there are more identical items, they are almost certainly crap. Two drawers, one on each side to store the pieces, there are bands in the drawers to hold each in place but this game is in such pristine condition that it still has the styro foam holders that the pieces originally came in. You can buy an identical resin set from here for example: There are not a whole lot of brick and mortar chess stores out there, so I realize we fill a very particular niche in the chess world. So you have antique chessmen, and you want to know what they are worth.Because of that, we get a lot of requests for things we do not normally handle. There is good reason to want to find out – chess sets vary in value from worthless to tens of thousands of dollars in some rare instances. If you see 3 identical antique items listed in the same time by different dealers, the chances are great that they are crap. The Chinese items in question are simultaneously listed by 10 or more sellers most of the time. Handcarved wood, brass hardware, marble and onyx tiles, dark and light green quartz jade playing pieces. However, it is a modern set made of resin and very crudely painted black and white.

The same is true about all these Chinese sets with "leather boxes". This is a very interesting and a highly collectable chess set which is very decorative. The pattern is known as "Reynard the Fox" and if it was really made in the 18th century, it would have been carved from bone or ivory or wood and cost many thousands of dollars.

Welcome to the worlds largest selection of antique Jaques Staunton sets as well as other main makers.

All Jaques and British Chess Company sets come with a signed authors copy of the Jaques collectors guide.

There are some common traps to fall in which seem to keep appearing for ever. Now this time I will show you an exquisite and old treasure! I do not want to say that these sets are crap if new.

I hope that the following suggestions might be useful for people who have not bought collectables from e Bay before. I am an antique collector, I hope to share the old Chinese and oriental cultures with the people in all over the world. This is a Rare bone carven Chess set and Vintage rosewood box. They are sold for $175 in natural resin colour and more than $500 if hand painted.

From the pictures you can see it had a long history. With the perfect style, nice design, wonderful workmanship, It is in good condition, no crack and no chip. But the crudely painted example above is miserable crap. They might not be outright crap but are clearly inferior to antique ivory sets.