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Consolidating post offices

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Hancock School District Transportation Director Michael Ray Ladner is at the center of controversy this week after a middle school student recorded him threatening to put children on a hotter bus if they complained about the heat to their parents.

As a print facility manager, you want to maintain a steady high volume of printing to remain profitable.Within Prairie Mountain Health (PMH), 11 stations will be shuttered including Wawanesa, Oak Lake, Hartney, Shilo, Baldur, Cartwright, Boissevain, Reston and Elkhorn.Fisher bristles at Goertzen’s suggestion that the targeted communities have been challenged to find staff to maintain proper service.It would also give the county three representatives and Waveland one.Prior to the council's own discussion on the agreement, several members of the community spoke out against it.Fisher maintains the government will not save money by closing smaller rural ambulance stations and consolidating services into “supercentres” strategically located in larger communities, including nearby Glenboro.

“I make $3.70 per hour on-call,” says Fisher, who is shifted for approximately 200 hours each month and is permitted to farm and attend to his businesses provided he can respond to any EMS call within 10 minutes.

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In a three-minute lecture to the students, which was captured on video and posted on Facebook, Transportation Director Michael Ray Ladner said--among other things--that he was tired of complaints from parents and if the kids continued to tell their parents about the bus being hot, he would "hook them up" and put the children on an even hotter bus.