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Consoildating songs on itunes

We are frequently asked why i Tunes music hasn’t been backed up.It is important to understand that i Tunes is a piece of software - it simply reads music files such as MP3’s and AAC’s, these files are not actually in i Tunes, they reside somewhere on your computer.

Realizing you have just listened to ten of the greatest albums ever, you have a sudden urge to back them up.Question 1: "Hi, I have some files that contain more music than others.How do I get these songs in my Current i Tunes Library?Depending on how you imported items into i Tunes, some items in your library might be stored in different locations (in another folder or on another hard disk, for example). Advanced" option, then you could see a box named "i Tunes Media folder location".This is where your i Tunes media files would be stored when you import files into i Tunes.Before we delve into the steps of actually moving your media content, it’s important to explain in some detail exactly how i Tunes handles the management of your media files under the hood, what your options are for relocating these files, and the various pitfalls that you might encounter in this process.

The first and most important point is that i Tunes is designed to handle all of the details of the underlying file system for you.

i Tunes has fast become the most popular software for organizing and playing music on our computers.

It does a fantastic job with organisation, however it can be a little bit complex when it comes to actually finding the files on your computer if it hasn’t been set up correctly.

Once the import is complete, the tracks on the CD should now be files on your computer, usable both in i Tunes and Serato Software (given you have the Read i Tunes Library option checked in Serato software) If you already have audio files on your system, importing them into i Tunes is easy.

You can either drag them in your library from the operating system, or use the import files dialogue in i Tunes itself, which is in the file menu When using Serato DJ, third-party programs such as i Tunes are not the best and most reliable way to organize your Library.

" Many i Tunes users would come across such problem that they want to make i Tunes consolidate files for easy i Tunes file management.