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Child custody dating rehab

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It goes without saying that if one parent is totally irresponsible or time and time again has exhibited out of control behavior or puts the children in danger due to reckless behavior, than all bets are off for any participation.

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Also, I am not a child psychologist so other options may be important to take into consideration other than my opinion on this issue. Curtis, addressing the court as she requests a personal protection order from the HGTV host on Tuesday, Aug. Nicole Curtis was also before the Oakland County Circuit Court over payments for missed parenting times and attorney fees incurred by Saint Paul native Shane Maguire, the father of Curtis' 15-month-old son, Harper.Curtis — who owns homes in Oakland County and Minnesota — has alleged Maguire exposed the boy to potential harm by putting him in the middle of a “Black Lives Matter” police protest in his Saint Paul neighborhood.However, if the die is cast, then so be it, but the children involved in this scenario are innocent to the situation and still have two parents that hopefully want to be a participant in their lives.Rarely have I known a father or mother to abandon their children in order to live a life of substance abuse, but I did have a client who shared that her ex-husband would rather live in a box; virtually homeless and drink each day than have any contact with his children. So, what are the options for the parent that has primary custody for the child/children and the other parent who is trying to either work a clean and sober program or vows only to drink on days where he or she has no involvement with the children has?Many of my clients have come to me wondering how they should handle the relationship with their ex-spouse or significant other as it pertains to their children.

Sadly, divorce or separation has become imminent due to the presence of continued substance abuse or numerous unsuccessful attempts at sobriety.

star, the reveal came in the midst of a bitter court battle over custody and visitation right for the child–a battle that saw Curtis risk jail time on contempt of court charges.

Nicole Curtis shocked fans when she announced her second pregnancy very briefly and in an out-of-nowhere clip at the very end of Rehab Addict Season 6.

Judge Lisa Langton previously awarded Maguire joint custody and parenting time on alternating weekends.

The judge ordered Maguire’s name be added to the birth certificate and changed the child’s name to Harper Wolfgang Lewis Curtis-Maguire.

Here’s his official Gold Guys photo, alongside co-founder Joe Beasy; Shane is on the left: In addition, here’s another photo, this one of both Nicole Curtis and Shane Maguire together at a party in 2013: The News article goes on to explain that there have been “five separate disputes over missed parenting time” between Curtis and Maguire since their son Harper’s birth in July of 2015.