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And as they continued, one girl then noticed something from the corner of her eye and turned her head towards it to have a better look, her eyes widened when she saw the large amount of white meteors falling from the skies and were heading towards the far north of the main city."Look! Then the certain red-haired female whose hair is reaching her shoulders with sultry amethyst eyes spoke,"Say, have you guys heard that there will be new Celuroids falling today? " Says the orange-haired while pumping her fist in the air." Says the girl as she pointed at the set of colored stones. The meteors then landed on every part of the world and it created a gigantic earthquake, everything went in total chaos in just a mere seconds as shouts and cries of the people could be heard. Maki then noticed something from the corner of her eye and turned her head towards that direction, looking up, she saw the Celuroids falling down from the skies,"Ah! "Everyone looked at it also and their eyes widened with amazement."The CAF is taking care of their falls by using shields which will turn them to dusts, it is such a wonderful invention since it can also be used to other meteor showers." The blonde then commented.

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And a massive percentage of human race began to cough badly as most of them were turning into something else, they were turning into half- supernatural beings or half-mythical beings and half humans. Most of them are wearing military uniforms and some of them wore white coats, indicating them as researchers/scientists."Incoming Celuroids!

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