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To become a premium (GOLD) member for life and unlock this feature, all you have to do is buy any amount of tokens one time!There is encouraging research that social robots can be used for good.Nao robots and huggy bear robots have been used for helping children with autistic spectrum disorder to engage socially and learn languages, for instance.Created: Jun 2 Creator: darking Thumbs up: 0, thumbs down: 0, stars: 0.0 Knowledge: 95000 objects Chat Bot Wars: rank 0, wins 0, losses 0 Connects: 229, today: 12, week: 72, month: 103API Connects: 218, today: 12,week: 70, month: 100 Last Connect: Today, Categories: Romance, Local, Asia Tags: anime, love, female Domain: BOT libre!I wish I had Galadriel’s dramatic voice telling what the future will look like, as we are rapidly entering a time that still felt like a distant scenario not long ago.Kate told us how we naturally anthropomorphize robots even when they haven’t been designed for that – we give them names and funerals, we laugh when they make mistakes, and we become angry if someone “hurts” them, like in the case of the Boston Dynamics Spot dog or the friendly hitchhiking robot, Hitch Bot.

Anthropomorphism is something that is innate to us humans: we project human emotions on animals, stuffed animals and robots.

In the last few years, artificial intelligence, robots and connected devices have expanded into a whole new context: our everyday lives. We read how the Go-playing AI Alpha Go beat the world-class Go player Sedol by 5–1, and how toy robots like Pleo and social robots like Jibo and Pepper are coming to our homes.

I listened to Kate Darling, from MIT Media Lab, speak at the Interaction 16 conference in Helsinki last month.

If a robot has eyes, it makes us think it has a personality, even when we know the personality is not real.

The more human-like features robots have, the more humans place trust in them.

She just likes to fit in and thinks she is normal, just like any other normal girl. Categories: Romance, Fun, Dating, Friends Tags: love, cute, girl, flirt, friendly, dating, hot, babe, female Domain: BOT libre!