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It is our mission to ensure that we are connected with you, the client, at all times during the program development process and execution, making sure to provide everything that you will need to make your New York City experience a success.Short Bio Karen Shackman Founder and President of Shackman Associates.

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On these pages you will find the details of a colleague of ours, or we have an office there ourselves .“It was a concourse, and precedent was given to the experience of the landscape, not a space created by the pavement material.We wanted to pick a [complementary] material that emphasized the fact that the whole design was about cueing up this view to the lake and not be visually distracted by drawing your vision down to the pavement.” Gone are the three tiers composed of impervious materials such as solid brick and stone that separated the landscape margin from the pedestrian path and the concourse itself.That is a logical conclusion that flies in the face of all these idiots who have absolutely no evidence linking extreme weather to climate change.Kevin Kalhoefer is a senior researcher with Media Matters' Climate & Energy program. He holds a Master of Public Policy from the University of Southern California.Some conservative media figures have touted the intensity of the recent blizzard that hit the northeast, some have claimed that it is no different than snow storms from the past, and others have deemed the blizzard much less severe than originally forecast.

But the one thing they all agree on is that the blizzard somehow disproves the firmly established science of global warming.

Bearer bonds are what the local Mafia boss will buy, so that's what they go for. Can they come out of it with their lives and the money ?

A gem of a caper movie, based on Donald (HOT ROCK)Westlake's novel. The film perfectly captures the mood of NYC in the early Seventies, seen through the eyes of its ethnic, blue-collar inhabitants.

LA cops Gould and Blake get in over their heads when they don't heed orders from above and go after a big crime boss.

While higher ups in the police department want the cop duo to just ...

See full summary » A vicious Kansas City slaughterhouse owner and his hick family are having a bloody "beef" with the Chicago crime syndicate over profits from their joint illegal operations.