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Based on the New Testament book of Philippians, written by the great spiritual athlete Paul while himself bound in actual chains, "" will explore how to overcome whatever circumstances we face in order to live unbound lives. Message Manuscript - $4.00Message Audio Download - $2.00" is a look at gaining the raw spiritual strength to break the chains that bind us from becoming who we were meant to be.

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You have been responding to them, probably very clumsily, but they now form themselves into a restlessness that cannot be ignored. Even then, we may find that thoughtful, committed Christians may disagree on how best to employ the biblical principles for their life. For many, thinking Christianly across the broad spectrum of life and culture is a completely new enterprise.You are old enough now to fall in love—not the puppy love of elementary years, not the confused love of the teens, but the full-blown love of eligible men and women, newly matured, ready for life.I mean romantic love, with all the full intense meaning of the word, with all of the power and turbulence and frustration, the yearning, the restraining, and all of the peace and beauty and sublimity of love.If you wanted great friends who influenced you to love Jesus you went to the local church.

Today people are connected without the local church.

Some parents choose to put their kids in Christian schools and that provides Christian friends for their kids.

Most public schools have some type of Christian club to meet other Christian students.

Knowing our weaknesses, he camps out with bated breath just waiting for his chance to launch his missiles. The good news is we can begin to recognize his tactics and watch his attempts be thwarted. By believing God is bigger than Satan's best shots.

By reading about the triumphs of those who stumbled before us.

Remembering why the enemy continues to hit us where he does is essential.