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” “My ex already has a girlfriend and I haven’t been on one date in over a year. ” “There are so many wonderful, smart, beautiful divorced women out there and all the men are either drug addicts, alcoholics, psychos, control freaks or cheaters. I had a few situations that were so unbelievable, that the stories ended up in my novel, FREE GIFT WITH PURCHASE.Finding myself single again at 41 years old was not fun. But, I have to be honest, there was an element of excitement to being single. I was getting away from a marriage that wasn’t making either one of us happy, and I was moving into the unknown.

Wanting to create a similar experience for others, the catalog company was launched to introduce men to Russian women.Stop worrying about why you're single and allow me to provide you with some eye-opening reasons for your relationship status — reasons you may not be aware of!Sit back and laugh at the possible satirical explanations for why you're still single, like me: When the weather is less than ideal, the most enticing place to spend Friday night is most definitely my bed, not the bar.Unfortunately, the only people to bond with during this time is the cast of “Grey's Anatomy,” as my binge session continues on Netflix.Guy friends are a huge breath of fresh air from the drama that girl friends can often bring.Apparently, being single in your twenties is currently some sort of epidemic that comes without explanation.

While I am a part of this demographic, I am more than aware of the reasons I am single. People bitch and complain about being single, stressing how much they a drag to go through life alone. Having to tell someone what you plan on doing all day long. This is America, land of the free and home of the brave!

Not only was I going through the pain of a divorce, mourning the failure of my marriage, dealing with my two young kids’ feelings about daddy moving out, and worrying about finances, but now I had to go back out there into the nightmare world of dating?! And the unknown was semi-attractive, in the sense that at least it wasn’t “the known” which was constant fighting, misery, fear, sadness and loneliness.

So, into the unknown I went, and now it’s almost seven years later.

"Just drink one of these for breakfast, have a salad for lunch, and a sensible dinner...boom! Lovingly known as Evil Fitness Barbie or The Fitness Fairy Godmother, I'm a wife and mother of two (!

) who has gone from couch potato to NASM-certified trainer, with specialties in weight loss, women's fitness, and nutrition.

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