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Biblical dating genealogy records

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This article is about the study of family lineage and history.

Gena is a genealogist and author of the book “From the Family Kitchen.”The family Bible: it can be the holy grail of family history research, but its promise of information isn’t always what it seems to be. Family Bibles Some of the first facts family historians try to find are the date and place for their ancestor’s birth, marriage, and death.Bible Records are an often over looked source of information.We need to remember that the printing date of the Bible would be prior to the date of any vital information, or we are relying on the person who added the information’s memory.Family Bibles allowed a couple to document their marriage, births of children, family deaths, and family history information for posterity, and to use as proof when needed.Eventually, the recording of family history information in old family Bibles was superseded by mandatory vital record registration nationwide, as mentioned in this 1911 newspaper article about the growingly obsolete family Bible.With various types of records, documentation, and multiple streams of research, anyone can begin researching their family history and document their genealogy. It may be that as soon as humans began keeping written accounts, people started keeping genealogical records.

We have genealogical records dating back at least to the 6th century BC Chinese philosopher Confucius.

In some cases, such as the 1856 version held by the Hardison family, the Bible had pages dedicated to recording important events.

In others, the inside covers or page margins were used to document births, deaths, and marriages.

Evaluate the Evidence Perhaps you are lucky enough to have the coveted family Bible.

So, you have everything you need about your ancestor’s birth, marriage, and death, right?

For the years before vital records registration was mandatory nationwide, the family Bible can be one of the few sources for information on these events.