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Basshunter and aylar dating

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Her adult film career has made her the target of much criticism and prevented her from visiting her father in Iran.She has received death threats from people in her homeland.

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Basshunter first album The Bassmachine was released by Alex Music in 2004.In a July 2010 interview, Lie stated that she "sorely regrets" having engaged in pornographic acting.She explained that the choice was made while she was going through a difficult time of her life, and she wished she could "erase that from [her] past".In 2006 Basshunter released The Bassmachine and The Old Shit through his own website.In April 2006, he signed his first contract with Extensive Music and Warner Music Sweden, releasing his first single, "Boten Anna".He also took part in the seventh series of Celebrity Big Brother, the British edition of Fort Boyard and the Weakest Link in 2010.

A red cover version was released on 1 January 2008, with the same Swedish songs from the original album, but with lyrics or just titles translated into English.

She became famous after participating in the Norwegian "Big Brother". She was raised by Norwegian and Iranian foster parents. She starred in 10 porn films between 20, such as Throat Gaggers 3 and Cum Dumpsters 3 under the pseudonym Diana, then decided to end her porn-industry career after her last porno film, Cock Smokers 49, and switch to mainstream modeling.

She competed at the Miss Norway pageant in 2004, but was disqualified from the contest when it was found she had starred in adult films; candidates to the pageant must not have been pictured naked in any commercial production or publication.

she expressed sadness and strong distress and that she was tired of being linked to events ten years in her past, although she acknowledged she may have to live with this part of her life being repeatedly brought to the surface.

Basshunter has revealed that he will no longer feature porn star Aylar Lie in his music videos because "she has a boyfriend".

LP still managed to go platinum in the UK after spawning a handful of chart-conquering singles.