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Backdating option scandal

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Dr Dube has been at the helm of PSMAS since 1992 while Mrs Namasasu, a director for Implementation and Control of Expenditure Unit with the ministry of Finance had been on the board for the past 18 years.Previously, Dr Dube was the general manager of the then Public Service Medical Aid Society.

Hemsley is the CEO of United Health Group, the nation's largest insurance company in terms of revenue. About 70 million Americans get their health insurance from United Health, headquartered in a Minneapolis suburb.And no reporters or TV cameras showed up Thursday at the vigil outside Hemsley's house.I have a client who has never exceeded the VAT registration threshold but now wants to backdate a voluntary registration (on the flat rate scheme) to the date he started trading (just under the 4 year limit).In line with the society’s constitution, the board appointed the vice chairperson, Mr N Mhlanga as acting chairperson until the appointment of a substantive chairperson.“Further, the board resolved that in view of the fact that the group chief executive, Dr C. Details on the retirement are being worked out,” reads part of the statement.Sources close to the happenings at PSMAS House claim that the board was forced to take action after its members held an intense meeting with the Minister of Health and Child Care, Dr David Parirenyatwa yesterday.Last Thursday, fifty protesters, holding umbrellas and candles, stood outside Helmsley's mansion in the rain and screened a video that contrasted his exorbitant income and lifestyle, and United Health's huge profits, with the millions of Americans who go without insurance or bankrupt themselves with medical bills.

HCAN has tried to buy time to broadcast the video on CNN, but the network refuses to air it.

As he was never under such obligation I assume there will be no penalty but I can't find anything on the HMRC website to confirm this.

Though the main Enron characters have received their prison sentences, there's no closure for corporate fraud. Five years after Black Monday, Sherron Watkins talks with about what went wrong, why it could happen again, weakening moral underpinnings, and the lack of ethical business leaders.

He travels on United Health's corporate jet, a Gulfstream Aerospace, which cost $37.5 million.

And he lives in a lakeside mansion in suburban Wayzata, Minnesota, valued at $6.6 million by the Hennepin County Assessor.

It is believed that it was only after this meeting that the PSMAS board met and reversed its earlier decision to slash salaries of PSMAS executives.