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Avg 8 0 not updating

avg  8 0 not updating-52

If the AVG updater doesn't have an internet connection when it starts then it is doomed and attaching it to the net doesn't help.Kill he updater and restart it when you have a net connection.

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So, I uninstalled AVG, downloaded and ran their AVG Remover Tool ( reinstalled AVG, and immediately after the installation was complete I deactivated the Cache Server (open User Interface Cache Server).The next time I got the message I clicked the other option which was to continue unprotected.about a minute later the samne message appears again and again.After the first day, that hard drive activity should diminish significantly to just a few minutes a day.The purpose of the cache is to reduce future scan time; since the files in the cache are safe files, future scans ignore those files, and thus reduce scan time by about 50%. just checked my Windows box and it is checking for updates, the last time it checked was just before 10 am today which is when it was switched on.

Virus Database: 270.3.0/1503 AVG version: 8.0.10 I've never had any trouble with AVG. Both fine, although I did have a crash with a much earlier version of AVG.

I have net access controls on my PC which is why I found this out.

same thing here 6 diferent systems on three diferent networks all having the same issues one network has 10 systems on it and 3 of them will not update except for offline updates.

I haven't been able to update my free AVG Anti-Spyware due to similar things like "Error: Failed to send receive data: 0".

It has been like this since 12/3/07, with no updates.

Ahh, I see, I just use the one at Wilders as I also have AVG-AS (paid)You do know that AVG-AS does not recieve automatic updates? Only the paid version does that, also you get them for about a month when you first install it, then it reverts to the free version. Big_Al moved my thread to the right section and asked if I tried manually updating and if my 30 day trial has run out.