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Gary Lewandowski Jr., Chair of the Department of Psychology at Monmouth University, said only 1 in 10 Americans ranking appearance first is surprising and suggests people are uneasy when answering survey questions about dating, sex and relationships."What people say they'll do is often different from what they actually do," he said. Lewandowski, who spends his days researching this type of phenomenon, said our findings are supported by his own research, which shows how a good personality affects a person's attractiveness."There is research that shows for picking partners, people often say things other than attractiveness matter, but when researchers tracked who people selected to date, it was largely based on attractiveness."What's ironic, according to Lewandowski, is that those other traits are far more important to long-term compatatabiliy. He refers to this as "the malleability of opposite-sex physical attractiveness" and said it is an integral part of how our brain interprets attractiveness.

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After all, looks and first impressions are supposed to make or break one's chances of making a lifelong connection — or so the thinking goes.But if responses to a recent survey are to be believed, conventional wisdom is about to be turned upside down.In surprising new findings by Dating, only 1 in 10 Americans ranked "looks" as the top quality they search for in a partner.Over time, the looks of another individual are greatly influenced by what we think of their personality."If you're of average physical attractiveness, but I find out we're similar, you will essentially get more attractive," he said. If you start out attractive but have a terrible personality, you become less attractive." also analyzed preferences in human mate selection.These studies show the characteristics that are most desired among men and women include honesty, consideration, affection, dependability, intelligence, kindness, understanding and someone who is loyal and a good companion.In fact, the respondents rated several other qualities as more important than looks, such as things in common (50%), a sense of humor (25%) and morality (12%).

The exclusive study, which surveyed 1,080 adults over the course of three weeks, also found that men are twice as likely as women to put looks first, and that young adults are two times more likely than seniors to put looks as the number one quality. Wendy Walsh, CNN's relationship expert, and Julie Spira, best-selling author and dating coach, to see how people really feel and if they're lying to save face.

Everyone wants their partner to be sexy, even if they don't admit it, new research suggests.

The need for physical attraction could be why online dating falls flat, since the characteristics in a written profile and image don't line up with how attracted you are to somebody.

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It is a magical talent that can easily be tapped into.

The language of love: Physically fit or perceptive men attracted between 60 and 70 per cent more interest from women who wanted to get to know them better, while sweet, ambitious or funny women saw between 20 to 45 per cent more approaches, which could lead to a date (stock image) Words used on a profile were shown to have a larger impact on women’s decision to approach men at between 64 and 69 per cent, while men are slightly more biased towards a pretty face, with only 43 to 46 per cent being more swayed by words.‘While the research shows certain words serve to grab fellow daters’ attention, at e Harmony we know that daters are looking for quality dates every time.