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All male cam 2 cam

All male cam 2 cam-48

All of our Cam and Groove fittings include durable stainless steel cam arm pins, and all of our female Cam-Lock fittings feature a gasket recess to hold the gasket in place.

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offers Cam-Lock fittings that are precision machined of 316L stainless steel, and will meet most of the demanding requirements.We pride ourselves in excellent customer service and unbeatable prices.From cam and groove fittings, to ball valves and gaskets, we supply high quality products for you in an efficient and timely manner.CAM use is believed to be closely associated with socio demographic variables such as gender, age, education, income and health complaints.However, studies have only occasionally differentiated CAM use according to gender.When limited to visits to a CAM provider, we found 17% use among women and 8% among men.

The relationship between the demographic variables and being a CAM user differed significantly between men and women with regard to age, household income, and marital status.

When you slide the two parts together, and close the cam-lock levers of the parent part, you'll get a leak-free connection.

With use of our IBC adapters the Camlock couplings are also suitable for IBC tote containers.

It locks itself automatically and stays locked until you open it.

The stainless camlock coupling with safety levers is for applications that require the highest security such as chemicals management.

Banjo black PP fittings and valves are chemical and corrosion resistant, rigid, lightweight and impact resistant.